PHD Pharmacy, Inc

Job Description

Store:Black Bear Pharmacy
Location:Cleveland, TN
Job Title:Relief Pharmacist
Reports To:Pharmacist In Charge


PHD Pharmacy are proudly serving the community of Cleveland, TN. We pride ourselves on making sure each of our patients are always feeling their best without breaking the bank. Come join our team! 



General Description

  • Responsible for management of all retail operations when on duty.
  • Supervises staff and performs required administrative duties.
  • Critically reviews prescriptions to assure accuracy and suitability.
  • Consistently implements approved procedures for mixing, packaging, labeling and dispensing of pharmaceuticals to meet legal requirements and ensure quality and security.
  • Provides information and advice regarding drug interactions, side effects, dosage and medication storage to patients and health care personnel.
  • Monitors patient compliance to insure optimal therapy outcomes and minimize harmful effects.
  • Appropriately orders and purchases pharmaceutical supplies, medical supplies and drugs.
  • Works with technical staff to maintain adequate inventories and assure proper handling and storage.
  • Maintains records, as required.
  • Educates patients to help manage conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Advises and trains customers on the selection and use of equipment and supplies.
  • Refers patients to other health professionals and agencies when appropriate.
  • Presents a professional image via proper hygiene and grooming, as well as adherence to company dress code.
  • Fills in competently at other positions, as needed.
  • Must be flexible and responsive to perform these and other duties, as assigned.

Work Experience Requirements

  • Must possess a current license to practice pharmacy in the State of Tennessee.
  • Two years’ experience in retail pharmacy preferred.

Education Requirements

Minimum B.S. Pharmacy degree


Approved By:Pamela Brooks, Vice President of Human Resources
Date Posted:February 01, 2019