After my father’s passing, we wanted someone with the skills, financing and knowledge necessary to carry on the Wender and Robert’s name, and tradition. I felt Loren Pierce was a good fit. Loren worked hard to keep all the employees and seven years later, several key staff members still work at Wender and Robert’s Pharmacy. I’m pleased to see that the Wender and Robert’s name will reach its 100th year in business in the Atlanta area thanks to the ownership of Loren Pierce.

Brad Wender
Son of Mr. Donald Wender, Owner, Wender and Roberts Drugs

As a junior partner, Loren Pierce helped grow Moye’s from 2 locations to 8 stores including a home medical equipment business. I was happy to see that Loren retained most of our pharmacy staff, many of whom are still employed by Moye’s to this day. Loren has strong business acumen as well as a wonderful way with people. This makes him a great person to work for and with, and I’m glad I trusted Loren during this process.

Tony Moye
Owner and Founder, Moye’s Pharmacy, 1977 – 2009

I had built my long term care pharmacy up to the point I had to move it. Upon doing so, we decided to sell off our retail location to focus on LTC growth. We had an offer from Walgreens on the table, but hated the thought of letting our employees down. We were able to negotiate a deal and get the terms we needed and sell to Loren Pierce. It was tremendously smooth and we are even still friends today. One would be wise to consider Loren and his team as a viable exit strategy for their pharmacy.

Ed Meyer
Owner, Southcare Pharmacy, 1982-2010

I had already retired and had a deal with Walgreens in place, which fell through.  I was thrilled to be connected to Loren Pierce who bought the pharmacy and was able to keep it an Independent.  My employees were even happier than I was that Best Drugs was not going to a large chain!  Best Drugs is in a very small town in Florida, and we wanted to maintain that small town personal feel. 

Larry Diaz
Owner, Best Drugs of Trenton