Wender & Roberts Pharmacy was founded in 1918 by William Max Wender and Marvin Roberts as a family oriented neighborhood drugstore where the customer comes first. Atlanta has changed a lot since 1918, but their commitment to customers and their family’s health has not. Wender & Roberts Pharmacy may not get many calls for mule wrangling anymore, but still they put their customers first.


The practice of pharmacy, along with the role of the community pharmacist, is continually changing to meet society’s health care needs. To ensure patients receive appropriate treatments, Wender & Roberts pharmacists not only provide the medication, but also monitor them for potentially dangerous drug interactions, and effectiveness of therapy. Their pharmacists make it a point to care about customers and theirr health care needs.

Continued Service

Wender & Roberts Pharmacy is meeting the prescription and health care needs of its community. Their professional staff is dedicated to providing patients with prompt and reliable health care services. They’ve become the neighbor you can trust for quality, value, and service.

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