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Our Family 
of Businesses

We are a multi-state company with locations across the southeast United States, and we're always looking to expand. These are the current members of our family, pharmacies and businesses that began their lives as independent ventures, and continue to operate in much the same fashion under the care and guidance of the Pierce Pharmacy Management team.

Moyes Pharmacy

Founded by Tony Moye in 1977, Moye's Pharmacy was purchased by one of the pharmacists, the man who would become our Owner and CEO, Loren Pierce, when Tony was ready for retirement. Moye's is the founding member of the PPM family, and having expanded to five locations in Henry County, GA since that time, is still the flagship entity of our operation.


Wender & Roberts Pharmacy

Founded in 1918 by William Max Wender and Marvin Roberts at 3073 Peachtree Road just a few steps from the Buckhead Theatre, Wender & Roberts Pharmacy has been a fixture of Atlanta history for over 100 years. When this institution of the community came into the care of PPM in 2011, the goal was clear: keep providing the same level of service our customers had come to expect, and take care of the health of the community in a real and practical way. Though times can be hard and adaptation is sometimes necessary, we feel confident that mission is accomplished every day, and Wender & Roberts will continue to be a community landmark for many years to come.


Southcare Pharmacy

Located in the heart of St. Petersburg, FL, Southcare Pharmacy is the perfect example of an independent pharmacy with a small location but a big footprint in the community. Offering everything from Long-term care services to compounding and compression hosiery fittings, Southcare is PPM's prime example of how an independent pharmacy can really be best in class.


Best Drugs of Trenton

One way a small town pharmacy can not just survive, but thrive, is by being a destination for their community. Best Drugs of Trenton accomplishes this goal by not just taking care of their patients in the small town of Trenton, FL, but also offering a robust, trendy, and ever-updating front end gift boutique. This means that whether your needs are pharmaceutical or retail-oriented, Best Drugs has an offering for you, making it a must for locals and visitors alike.


Mobility Warehouse

Sometimes, our business is about finding a need in the community and filling it. That's exactly how Mobility Warehouse came to be. Mobility remedies a concerning lack of physical locations in the Atlanta area for home medical equipment that a customer can enter, shop around in, and find exactly what they need for them or their loved one. With unmatched customer service and an extensive offering of both products and repair services, it's no wonder that Mobility Warehouse has become an institution in the metro area!


Falcon Wholesale

Often, it's not just the typical customer that needs our services. Falcon Wholesale is a pharmaceutical wholesaler that helps various doctor's offices and surgery centers in the metro Atlanta and middle Georgia areas stay stocked with the supplies they need to do their vital work. Just another way we serve our communities, by serving the healthcare establishments that take care of them best.

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The Doctor Is In Express

In an ongoing effort to provide as many healthcare options as we can for our customers and patients, The Doctor Is In Express Lab Services is a fully outfitted testing lab capable of providing results within a couple of days, cutting wait times down dramatically for our patients, and with no out-of-pocket cost with our Medicare billing options!

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