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Wender and Roberts Drugs

Moyes Pharmacy Inc.

Pierce Pharmacy Management

Southcare Pharmacy - Best Drugs of Trenton

PPM and affiliated companies are equal opportunity employers.

Mobility Warehouse

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1262 W Paces Ferry Rd NW

Atlanta, GA 30327  -  (404) 237-7551

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McDonough - Stockbridge - Hampton  Locust Grove - Jackson

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106E Rock Quarry Rd.

Stockbridge, GA 30281  -  770-507-6008

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6450 38th Ave N #110

Saint Petersburg, FL 33710  -  (727) 344-3902

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405 SE 1st Ave

 Trenton, FL 32693  -  (352) 463-2240

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106B Rock Quarry Rd

Stockbridge, GA 30281  -  770-474-7693

Currently no positions available

Why work for Pierce Pharmacy Management?

With so many options available to those seeking new employment opportunities, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right path forward. At Pierce Pharmacy Management, we strive to offer the whole package:

a fulfilling job that is exciting and rewarding every single day; a wide variety of career paths that will allow you to achieve goals, both personal and professional, and grow as an individual talent; and a future that you can not only depend on but help create for your colleagues for years to come. Allow us to illustrate why working for Pierce Pharmacy Management isn’t just your average employment opportunity - it’s a ladder to success!

The Job

First and foremost, we are a company committed to serving the families and friends in our local communities. When you work for PPM or any of its affiliated businesses, you are guaranteed the opportunity at fulfilling work that makes a difference to the people you serve. Every single member of staff, from the Owner and CEO himself to the newest cashier on the job, has a single mission to accomplish before all else – Make it Better. For your co-workers, your customers, your patients, and your community. In the pursuit of that mission, you will find that the greatest reward of working for our company is how it feeds your soul every single day, and provides a purpose beyond the paycheck.

The Career

The field of healthcare is wide and varied, and can often feel intimidating to breach without training or education in those areas. At PPM, we are proud operators of a wide range of healthcare entities, that offer an equally broad selection of entry-level growth opportunities in whatever field of medicine most interests you.

Want to be a pharmacist? Start as a tech, and we’ll help you get to your goal, assisting you in whatever way we can to get you the education you need to get behind that bench. Are you more interested in phlebotomy or professional chemistry? Our new lab service at The Doctor Is In offers plenty of opportunities in that field as well. More of a business administration person? There are always new positions opening on our home office team for operations, administration, accounting, and more! We are happy to offer training to assist in certifications and education, and we work hard to make sure that when you work hard, you are given the opportunities to further your own ambitions and goals in your chosen career.

The Future

PPM is still very much a small but growing company, and as we grow, we know that our continued growth is thanks to the staff members on the front lines, working every day to provide the services and products we promise to our community. In turn, our continued and elevated success means the success of our employees. When you become part of the Pierce Pharmacy family, you become part of an effort to build a future for both the company, and yourself. We strive to be a place you can put down roots and forge your career with us, in the promise that as you help us grow, we pass on that growth and prosperity to you, as we pass it on to our community, in the form of new products and services to offer, and to every member of our team, in the form of new opportunities, better compensation, and greater benefits. In short, our brighter future is a brighter future for us, our employees, or families, and our community.

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Falcon Wholesale

106B Rock Quarry Rd

Stockbridge, GA 30281  -  770-474-7693

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