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"Every day we wake, our promise to you is we will strive to Make It Better…. comprehensively better. Your lives, your health, our service, and of course, our community."
Loren Pierce, RPh, CEO



Maintain and value relationships with existing patients

Empower, develop, and retain staff

Develop and nurture personal and business relationships

Preserve legacy, integrity, and original vision

Improve and streamline cost containment, loss prevention, and retail margins

Create engaging marketing campaigns and promotions

Invest back in the community, and take an active role in community involvement


Independent pharmacies all over the country fight to survive against the giants of the pharmacy industry, but don’t want to give up the name and individuality that they’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Here at Pierce Pharmacy Management, we share those values, and seek only to build on the success you’ve already achieved. Each member of our pharmacy family is allowed to keep and maintain the identity that the community has known and loved since the very beginning, while we provide the management and expertise of a larger business structure that allows for a more efficient, long-lasting pharmacy able to compete with the big boys in both the pharmacy and retail spheres.


When you work in the pharmacy industry for as long as we have, you see your fair share of change. It takes longer than ever to get an approved claim, while reimbursement is dropping, and the demand on the phones and with patients is relentless.

At Pierce Pharmacy Management, we're looking to build a pharmacy team that can implement pharmacy technology and workflow management. Retail pharmacy will always have its fair share of challenges up front, but we want to create an environment that streamlines and perfects the pharmacy experience, making life better for our patients and ourselves by working smarter, not harder.


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After my father’s passing, we wanted someone with the skills, financing and knowledge necessary to carry on the Wender and Robert’s name, and tradition. I felt Loren Pierce was a good fit. Loren worked hard to keep all the employees and seven years later, several key staff members still work at Wender and Robert’s Pharmacy. I’m pleased to see that the Wender and Robert’s name will reach its 100th year in business in the Atlanta area thanks to the ownership of Loren Pierce.

Brad Wender

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